iziflo for sales teams

For sales teams, iziflo offers the opportunity to retain customers, with tools designed to maximize the value of each prospect, and sales pitch.

Forget the complications, concentrate on relations.

Create, manage and target your contacts and appointments, focus on all of your customer interactions, improve your customer relations… It’s not just simple, it’s simplicity itself.

Never lose another deal

Contacts and calendars shared between all sales staff, Internet leads automatically filed as pending prospects, automated appointment reminders…
iziflo is a genuine opportunity creating machine.

A virtual catalogue.

On one tablet: brands, models and versions with full-screen photos and videos, descriptions, specifications, price-lists, availabilities and access to order forms.
The customer can dream. Now it’s up to you to do the rest!


On your screen for the first time.

Prospects, customer meetings, quotations, negotiations (with or without trade-ins), finances, signatures, orders, invoices, deliveries, after-sales follow up.
A single interface covering the sales process, from start to finish.


Sales force gathers strength.

Prospects, contacts, meetings, calendars, pro-forma, orders… No need for follow up forms… Sales managers will have a complete real-time vision of their sales campaigns and figures. Ideal for leading and motivating your staff, completing sales, targeting your promotional campaigns… When you have all the latest data, it’s so much easier to follow sales and meet your objectives.


Available or not?
Get an immediate answer.

Parks, brands, vehicles on order, in transit or in stock… The sales rep can visualize all this in real-time to locate the right model and confirm its availability. This can be decisive for completing a sale.

Sell more used vehicles

Your new and used stock on one screen: locate and propose the vehicle with the best margin; or get specifications from the integrated AAA data-base to rapidly get your advert online. Nothing will escape you!

Effective from start to finish.

The sales reps receive a notification in their calendar just before the delivery of a vehicle. Their customer will then be informed by email or SMS. A message will be displayed to remind the sales rep to complete the customer satisfaction questionnaire as soon as the keys have been handed over. Fewer phone calls, more satisfied customers.

iziflo for sales management

Sales admin teams will be able to rely on iziflo’s ease of use to oversee, process and complete each sale, with better and faster collaboration between departments.

A single dashboard
for the full process.

Each transaction is presented with 7 different levels of progress: prospect, customer contact, negotiation, signature, invoice, delivery and after-sales follow up. Finally sales, processing and logistics integrated in a single process!

You are the strongest link.

Administration and accounts reports, orders and financing plans, attribution and vehicle transfer management…
Completely integrated into your sales process, the Sales Admin functions are fundamentally associated with customer satisfaction.

Make the most of sources
of profitability.

The attribution of each chassis to each order is optimized in relation to the age of your stock and the location of the vehicle.
Manage the process and damage control in real-time… Everything is so much easier when the information is clearly presented.

Save time and concentrate
on your genuine specialisation.

For sales: order forms arrive already completed and authorized, ready for your inspection. For logistics: administrative follow-up times are optimized. Concentrate on your essential tasks.

iziflo for marketing

For the marketing department, iziflo is a powerful tool for the promotion of your product range.

Know what’s being sold.
At all times.

All your marketing data is centralized. Products, specifications, availabilities, promotional texts and price-lists are updated in real-time and available to all sales staff.
No more out of date catalogues or last month’s price-lists.

Show your best
to each customer.

You supervise the management of your own catalogue, the quality of its photos, videos, documents…
Nothing is presented before you have seen and approved it.

Good data
good ideas.

Prospects, orders, invoices… Easy extraction of the data entered by your sales staff, allowing you to design, organize and launch targeted promotional campaigns (telephone, email or SMS). Always closer to the needs of your prospective clients.

iziflo for logistics management

Logistics departments will find functions in iziflo that will save time, increasing quality and productivity both for stock management and vehicle transfer management.

All in your pocket.

Arrivals, inventory, transfers, damages, assembly, deliveries… All logistics data is updated and shared in real-time with your sales admin via your smart-phone or tablet. Lighten the load on your organization.


More automation,
less errors.

Faster stock-takes, immediate location of each vehicle in stock or in transit, organize and prioritize stock transfer and delivery, optimized damage control and assembly management, automatic stock-transfer and delivery slip generation… A genuine impact on reliability and overheads.

iziflo for management

For your board of directors and your sales, administration and financial management, iziflo provides powerful strategic and decision-making resources with the added advantage of a complete and global real-time vision of your sales processes.

Sales figures as you have never seen them before

Classed by month, year, geographical zone, brand…
Whatever you want, whenever you need it. And it’s nice to look at.

When key figures become keys to success

Turnover, profits, sales growth, vehicle availability, stock ages, internet lead transformations…
The quicker the data is collected the more strategic it becomes.

Manage your sales right down
to the tiniest detail.

Check your accounts and the profitability of each sale before confirming a financing plan.
A better vision of your goal achievements for a better reactivity in bringing reality closer to your objectives.