iziflo is unique

From first customer contact to delivered vehicle, iziflo assists, connects in real time and simplifies the customer relationship, sales management and administration, logistic follow up, and the management of global distribution sites.
Today, no other solution offers the same level of expertise of the new and used vehicle sales chain.

No need to change your IT architecture or hardware:  iziflo optimizes the sales potential of your multi-site and multi-brand management tools.

A four wheel drive suite to optimize your performance.

  • Seize every opportunity, follow each deal and every client.

    • Prospect
    • Pro-forma
    • Order
    • Sales processing
  • Analyze and share your marketing data.

    • Sales pitch
    • Price-list
    • Photos, videos
    • Technical data
  • Manage your stock and supervise vehicles from factory to customer.

    • Vehicle arrivals
    • Inventory
    • Transfers
    • Damages
    • Assembly
    • Deliveries
  • At any moment, produce sales analysis and detailed reports.

    • Sales figures
    • Sales report
    • Orders
  • Sales rep
  • Administrator of sales
  • Logistics manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Management

Without iziflo...

Current management tools may not show the full picture.

With iziflo...

You have all the answers

Why can’t I identify a customer who has visited a number of my dealerships searching for different brands in just a few clicks?

iziflo offers customer management which can be shared across all brands and dealerships. Provided you have the required privileges, you can follow all customer interactions.

Why am I unable to present my customers with a catalogue that is updated in real-time, and consult available stocks even on the go?

You can have access to all information anytime anywhere, even on the go. Allowing you to concentrate fully on sales relations.

Why do I have to re-enter the order form in the DMS when I invoice a vehicle sale?

Connected to your DMS, orders are transmitted directly: documents produced by the sales department can be processed immediately. With the risk of data loss that occurs when re-entering data.

Why are my sales reps not informed of new stock arrivals, or reservations made 2 minutes ago?

iziflo is a collaborative tool, all users all access all the time. There is no risk of presenting a vehicle which has just been reserved by a colleague.

Why can’t the marketing department instantaneously target and email all customers interested in a certain model or who have visited during a specific period of time?

Sales and accounts data are filed and organized together, with instant access to an emailing tool.

Why is the logistics management of my chassis not connected to the DMS?

Follow all physical and accounts data-flows with a single tool: complete your inventories, manage transfers and deliveries.

Why don’t my tools allow me to manage sales targets: including sales representatives and accounts department activity during staff meetings?

The use of a single tool by all departments provides an overall view of your business in real-time. Use this data during your meetings and adapt your strategies.