About us

Syartec is an IT engineering company specialized in the development of customer relations, global distribution and logistics management solutions.

In the iziflo solution, Syartec has concentrated 10 years of experience and observation of the automotive sector, built in Europe and Africa among the largest groups. Today Syartec’s products are used in 92 multi-brand sites, giving the company a unique expertise in the application of web technology and IT systems to commercial, administration and logistics processes in the automobile trade.

iziflo integrates all the Syartec principles of innovation to create tools of work …

  • Reliable, competitive, creative, customizable and easy to use,
  • Giving users full understanding and mastery of strategic business data,
  • To facilitate their daily lives, multiply their opportunities, develop their commercial performance, improve their quality of service, federate their teams.



DNA full solutions

Everything is on iziflo…

Syartec revolutionizes the world of applications dedicated to the automotive business. For the first time, all services and trade in the sales chain are linked in a suite of applications…

  • Full control

    iziflo is 100% compatible with your information system without any change of architecture, customizable to your brand, evolving with your organization.

  • Full business

    iziflo helps to make the best deals at the points of sale, and the best strategic choices, with advanced steering features.

  • Full performance

    iziflo supports all professions in the organization: it is a new source of sales creativity, productivity and inspiration.

Our services

Ready for iziflo ?

  • Syartec guarantees a flawess support in the integration and rapid appropriation of the solution.

  • Your team will be fully prepared for the change, committed to the project with a clear vision of the solution’s benefits. They will receive complete training both remotely and face-to-face.

  • You will have to dedicated project manager in connection with all the decision makers and users involved internally.

  • iziflo’s handling is facilitated by user-centric UX Design ergonomics and development. This facilitates initial approaches to the solution, optimises the training period and reduces the impact of deploying the solution within your organisation.

  • Our project managers are trained and certified, with the experience of successful deployment under their belts, within deadlines and budgets. They manage the strategic and functional issues faced by car distribution. They know and understand your goals and processes, identify your specific needs, anticipate your changes.

  • When our project managers leave, your teams are using iziflo with complete autonomy.